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Control WS2812B_RGB Lamp by STONE Display Module
This Project Is To Achieve RGB Lamp Control By STONE Display Module:
  1. Control the color of the light

  2. Control the brightness of the light

  3. Control the four modes of the lamp
    STONE Control TFT-LCD Display ModuleThe STONE STVC070WT-01 is a 7-inch display module with a resolution of 800*480. This display module can be purchased from the official website of STONE. The communication mode is uart-rs232 and uart-ttl. The development method is very simple, MCU only needs to send instructions to the STONE display module to control the display content through UART. In the same principle, when the user touches the STONE display module, the display module also sends relevant instructions to MCU through UART, and MCU then controls the device (WS2812B_RGB lamp in this project).
    • The Function Of The STONE Control Display ModuleSTVC070WT-01 is a TFT display and touch controller.It includes a processor, control program, driver, flash memory, RS232/RS485/TTL port, touch screen, power supply, etc. It is a powerful display systemThe operating system is simple and can be controlled by any single-chip microcomputer.STVC070WT-01 can be used to perform all basic functions, such as text display, image display, curve display, touch function, video and audio function, etc.
      • built-in Cortex CPU and driver

      • can be controlled by any single-chip microcomputer

      • show pictures/text/curves

      • 65536 color TFT display

      • can be touched

      • RS232/ RS485/ TTL UART interface and USB port

      • wide voltage range
        The TFT-LCD module communicates with the customer’s MCU through commands (hexadecimal code), and the MCU then controls the connected device to work according to the commands received.

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